Unity was one of the main focuses of my degree as it’s a very powerful program used to make software, games and applications. I use this on a daily basis in my current role at Laing O’Rourke and previously at Amplified Robot. In my free time, I enjoy making helpful tools and applications to advance my skills and knowledge of Unity and C#. 



Powerless is the first game released by Narratio Studios. It’s a choice based narrative game set in apocalyptic London. It has been featured as the Apple App store Game of the Day and presented at several exhibitions.

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Medical Realities

Medical Realities is a virtual reality platform that delivers surgical training. Surgeons dictate over 360° videos of surgeries. It’s available on multiple platforms. My role was to help create a comfortable immersive and interactive user interface. 

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Dunky Dough Ball

The second app I released for Naked Penguin Boy was Dunky Dough Ball. This application was built in Unity 2D using C#. I was tasked with UI, game logic and level creation.

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Meteor Maths Book

The 4th update to Meteor Maths Book was built in Unity. Using my skills in the program I managed to implement many new features including new animations, better physics and particle systems. The update is available now for £0.99.

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Dynamic Triangles

When learning Unity for the first time at University, I was given the task to make a project which included three points connected by dashed or dotted lines. The points were to be dragged around and to display the angle and current coordinates of each point.

Path Finding using NavMesh

During my free time, I make small projects using features in Unity I haven’t used before. The aim of this project was to find out the basics of the NavMesh feature in Unity. The project allows the user to go from A to B in the shortest route.

VR 360 Video Experience

To showcase my experience in VR projects I decided to develop a small application which allows the user to select a video, preview it as a normal video and then view a 360° version. This uses the video plugin in Unity 5.6 and a few assets from the Unity Store.

Sorting Algorithms

During my time at University we briefly went over sorting algorithms although unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to code them. In this project, I have managed to use that knowledge and extended research to make a demo of 4 (Bubble, Selection, Quick and Insertion) sorting algorithms using C# and Unity.


This project made in Unity allows the user to zip and unzip folders and files. It uses the UniZIP plugin, but with alterations to allow the user to easily add passwords to the zip folder. They are also able to save files in a location without overwriting existing folders. In the future, I plan to turn this into a fully integrated piece of software on my PC.

Apple ARKit Unity Demo

During the first days of the launch of the Apple AR Kit, I tasked myself with learning the basics using Unity. I wanted to know what the pros and cons were of using the software compared to other AR APIs. 

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I decided to build an identical project in several different programming languages. I decided to start with making a calculator in Unity, and will also make other more advanced projects in the future. The calculator was ported over to Windows Forms (C#.net & VB.net), in addition to Javascript, with a Swift version coming soon.


During my downtime, I enjoy making small projects that show my skills in using different aspects of the program or code. In this clock project, I used DateTime, something that I hadn’t used much in programming, but felt it was important to know. In the future, I will make this in Javascript and Windows Form (Vb & C#).


Custom Player Prefs

CustomPlayerPrefs was built to allow the developer to see the changes to the current prefs. It works the same as the PlayerPrefs but with a few tweaks to make it more developer friendly.

Scene Opener

SceneOpener was built to allow developers to open scenes in a quicker and cleaner manner. This uses the Menu Editor and allows the user to click on a drop-down list and on the scene they want.