Powerless was the first game I developed during my time at Narratio Studios. It is a choice based narrative game set in apocalyptic London. The game was initially built in CoronaSDK and used the Inklewriter online software. Upon leaving Narratio, the coding side of the game was completed, however, the stories needed writing. After several months the writers got in touch and wanted many changes to the project to accompany the new stories. I decided to re-create the game in Unity to complete the project to the requirements. The game changed from having such features as trade, survival and travel to being heavily story based. 

Overall the project was exciting and a big learning curve in my career. There were many times during both development phases when features needed to be implemented quickly but also had to be scalable to the game. Powerless was released in mid-August to many rave reviews from journalists and even featured as App of the Day on the Apple App Store. It was later released on the Google Play Store, Apple Mac store and Steam.

  • Over 750,000 words
  • Quick feature turn around
  • Hugely scalable project and code
  • Apple App Store – App of the Day
  • Choices effect survival and other stories within the game
  • Amazing artwork throughout
  • Massive replayability