Narratio Studios


Narratio is a games development studio based in Covent Garden, London. Created at the start of 2016, the company focuses on making beautifully designed games to go along with a strong narrative base and excellent humour. Their first game Powerless is an ambitious first game which gives users the experience of a Powerless London and is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, MacOS store and Steam now. The company is also considering moving into VR games. For more information go to

My Role

Title: Junior Games Developer

Time: October 2015 – November 2016

Being the main developer working on the Powerless game for Narratio Studios, the majority of my time was spent implementing new features and updates for the game. I also consulted with the artists, creators and story writers for anything that I may have needed. In addition to making Powerless, I also answered any questions relating to coding problems that the company may have had as they move into making VR and AR applications.



Powerless is the first app released by Narratio Studios. It’s a narrative survival game based in a world without power set in London.

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