Naked Penguin Boy


Naked Penguin Boy is a digital agency which is mainly client based. Their aim is to create captivating digital media and implement customised digital marketing to help their clients get the most of their advertising campaigns. They also specialise in strategic delivery, social media viral marketing, games, and app development. For more information go to

My Role

Title: Junior Games Developer – Intern

Time: August 2014 – December 2014

My main role at Naked Penguin Boy was to create several applications for the mobile market. The first project I was given was Knuckles: Beaten Path. This project was in the early concept stages, with most of the artwork complete, but only a prototype in regards to the programming. I used the prototype to build the game which was released. I was also tasked with client work whilst at the company and helped with different online games and testing of different products. During the latter parts of the internship, I was tasked with the Dunky Dough Ball project. I was required to create levels, new features and use scalable and easy to read code. This project was built in Unity 2D using C#.


Knuckles: Beaten Path

Knuckles: Beaten Path was the first app I built for Naked Penguin Boy during my internship and was released in late 2014. I built it using Corona SDK, and with a Flash (AS3) demo for online advertising.

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Dunky Dough Ball

The second app I released for Naked Penguin Boy was Dunky Dough Ball. This application was built in Unity 2D using C#. I was tasked with UI, game logic and level creation.

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