Meteor Maths Book


During my second year of university, I learnt CoronaSDK and how to market and manage an application on the popular app stores. During the summer of 2013, I decided to release an educational application for children between the ages of 5 and 11. Since it’s release that summer, I have made several updates to the game, fixing bugs, and improving some aspects of the gameplay. In late 2016, I decided to completely redo the game in Unity. The update included completely new illustrations, new gameplay, a story, revision section, rewards and much more. Future updates will include translations and different parent sections.

  • Control the rocket
  • Dodge the falling meteors
  • Collect the numbers
  • Once you have collected two of the falling numbers, answer the maths question
  • Answering questions correctly will eventually defeat the evil alien Zerg!
  • Added revision section to review your incorrect answers
  • Rewards throughout the game for getting questions correct and protecting the planets.
  • Translated into multiple languages