Flinging Fortress


During my third year of university, we were asked to do a dissertation on anything that related to games. I decided to make and market an app using Corona SDK. Flinging Fortress took four months to complete, then I went on to market it through social media (Facebook and Twitter advertising), as well as getting reviews published online. It also earned some rave reviews on the store. I was awarded a 1st for the dissertation.

  • Zombie Mode: Includes new enemies, perks and themes
  • Protect your fort by ‘flinging’ the enemies off the top of the screen
  • Use perks such as barriers to help you
  • Use the points system to purchase multipliers and other helpful perks
  • Post your high scores to your favourite social network site
  • In-game purchases. All you have to do is pause and purchase, no need to quit the game
  • Notable chart rankings: Top 10 in many countries and iTunes featured