Corona SDK


During the first and second years of university, I was taught CoronaSDK using LUA. This engine is specified in mobile app development, making it quick and simple to code, it was a perfect game engine to start games development in. I have since made several games in the program, with the first being released on the app stores during the summer of the 2nd year at university. I have gone on to use CoronaSDK to develop games and applications for companies. 


Knuckles: Beaten Path

Knuckles: Beaten Path was the first app I built for  Naked Penguin Boy during my internship and was released in late 2014. I built it using Corona SDK, and with a Flash (AS3) demo for online advertising.

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Flinging Fortress

Flinging Fortress was my second app built for the Apple App Store and was released as part of my dissertation in April 2014.

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Word Runner

Word Runner was the first app I released on behalf of Apps 11 in May 2015. The simple game was released alongside a strong marketing campaign.

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