Apps 11


Apps 11 is an interactive entertainment company for the mobile world. They design unique games which are easy to learn and difficult to master. Their main aim is to design games that people can play whilst going about their daily lives. 

My Role

Title: Junior Games and Website Developer

Time: February 2015 – October 2015

My main duties at Apps 11 was to bring their ideas to life. When I started at the company in February 2015 they had several plans of a game called Word Runner that they had wanted to create for a while. It took a couple of months to create and was released at the end of May 2015. I enjoyed this project as I could have direct input on the making of the app, and my ideas for new features were taken into consideration. Several other ideas were prototyped in Corona and Unity. My other responsibilities within the company included keeping the website up to date, fixing any known bugs with updates, and making any prototypes or ideas that the company thought could be made into great mobile applications.


Word Runner

Word Runner was the first app I released on behalf of Apps 11 in May 2015.

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