Amplified Robot


Amplified Robot is a digital agency who specialise in Augmented and Virtual Reality. They are also part of Medical Realities which aims to revolutionise surgical training with 360 videos. The company holds monthly conferences with up to 500 people at the Google campus, with special speakers from Sony, Microsoft, and Samsung. Many of the projects are under strict NDA so unfortunately I can’t show many of them on here, however, they are all made in Unity using mainstream headsets, both mobile and high end. For more information go to

My Role

Title: Software Developer

Time: November 2016 – May 2018

I started as a Junior Software Developer at Amplified Robot, during which I coded different projects in Unity, made sure tests were carried out on different VR devices, and prepared equipment for showcasing work to the clients. I ended as a Mid Software Developer and my responsibilities included handling client requests and helping projects to completion. I also had an input on the creative side of projects as well as timescales and quotes. One of the projects that was in development whilst I was at Amplified Robot included Unity networking, something I had no experience with beforehand. However, I learnt these skills through research, hard work and dedication to improve my knowledge of multiplayer games in order to aid other developers in completing the project.


Medical Realities

Medical Realities is a virtual reality platform that delivers surgical training. Surgeons dictate over 360° videos of surgeries. It’s available on multiple platforms. My role was to help create a comfortable immersive and interactive user interface.